GoCert gives course/event organisers the ability to give attendees easy and instant access to a relevant certificate via an easy to remember URL and access code without the requirement to login!

  • Secure access to certificates
  • Instant distribution
  • Style certificates to suit your brading
  • Get your attendees feedback
  • Upgrade or downgrade at anytime
  • Attendees can collect their GoCert certificates together
  • Phone:
  • Email:



You will be charged monthly for your subscription at the price point for the amount of users you choose. A monthly subscription may be changed to a yearly subscription at any point. You will be charged the yearly cost at the time (date) of change, this (day and month) will also become your renewal date annually unless you cancel renewal from your admin control.


You will be charged annually for your subscription at the price point for your chosen user access amount. You can change your subscription to monthly at any point but will only start at the end of your current yearly subscription. E.g. your yearly subscription ends January 31st, your new monthly payment will be taken on 1st Feb and will only cover that month. Auto renewal will activated but can be easily deactivated via your admin control.


You may choose to cancel your subscritption at any time.

  • For monthly subscriptions, your cancellation will be effective from the end of the current month you canel within.
  • For yearly,
    • if you are 50% or more through your subscritption, the cancellation will be effective from the end of your current annual subscription.
    • If you are less than 50% of the way through an annual subscription you may be entitled to a refund (paid within 30 days of subscription cancellation) and instant closure of your account if: 1. No users have accessed the certificates you have made. 2. We do not suspect any 'foul play' within the distribution of the certificates on your account. i.e. Excessive access to a single (1) certificate from different users, computers, IP's or locations. 3. A valid payment method was used to pay for the subscription and payment was recieved by us.

Once a cancellation has taken place (as outlined above) there will be a 30 day 'grace' period where you may be able to 'recover' your account and certificates by restarting your account subscription. After this grace period, your account and the certificates you have issued will nolonger be accessible via GoCert.co by you or your users (downloaded/saved certificates are available forever to your users. Individual users are also able to create GoCert 'collection' accounts and access thier own certificates at any point, users that haven't signed up before the cancellation will not have access to certificates for that subscription).